Musical Leadership for the Non-Musical

Catherine BrownFrom the Archives

Enjoy this article from our print archives. You’ve agreed to lead an afterschool activity club at your church.  Then you realize that music is an expected component of the program.  You don’t play a musical instrument and singing has never been your strong point.  You panic and think about backing out of your commitment. Wait!  Before making that decision, please consider the following strategies and practical ideas that I have found useful in incorporating music … Read More

Escape Room: Fun for Team Building

Carol WehrheimGames

Perhaps you have seen an Escape Room in your community and wondered what it is. These rooms have become popular for team building. When I heard Angie Olsen, a member of Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton, NJ, tell about taking her team from work there, I decided to interview her. Angie: I took my finance team and we went with a colleague who took his internal audit team. We needed more than my team of three. … Read More

Even a Little Card Game

Jason Brian SantosEducators Making the Future

Imagine for a moment that you’re standing in the expo hall of the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium, an event that boasts an attendance of close to 5,000 teenagers from all over the country. The atmosphere is charged with the drone of several hundred teenagers as they travel among the various booths. Like bees buzzing from one flower to the next, they hover at each table for only a moment, because they too are on the … Read More

Word Teasers

Michelle Thomas-BushEducators Making the Future

Year after year, young people entered Confirmation without a vocabulary to talk about faith. It is not unusual. At the first meeting, I would empower the parents to have deeper faith conversations. Like most good educators, I would give them questions on card stock to place on their dinner table. At the parents’ meeting a few years ago, the blank looks on parents’ faces indicated a lack of their own faith vocabulary. I knew if … Read More

The Transformative Power of Youth Mission Trips

Jann TreadwellMission and Faith Formation

All of us want to make a difference in the lives of others. This can occur as we follow Christ’s mandate to serve those in need. That said, youth leaders hope service projects also will make a difference in the faith and lives of our own youth, not just the recipients. Short-term youth mission trips have the potential to accomplish both, but several factors are important to consider. Before the trip, be intentional to dispel … Read More

What is the “Mission” of our Youth Mission Trips?

Bill BuchananMission and Faith Formation

After 9 years, we at Youth Mission Co have come to a conclusion.  We no longer lead youth mission trips. There have been many critiques about short term mission trips with teenagers.  There are stories of young people who travel far away, excited to do daily construction projects, only to have locals secretly redoing their work each night.  There have been calculations of how terribly cost ineffective it is to send big youth groups across … Read More