A Prayer Reflection for Easter

Beth Herrinton-HodgeLiturgical Year, Prayer

A Prayer Reflection for Easter They went to the tomb and he was not there. In his place, a mound of discarded clothes and a young man. This wasn’t what they expected. So much in these past days had not been what they expected. A festive arrival in the old city. An angry outburst in the temple. A festive yet somber meal with friends. Lonely prayers in the garden. Betrayal. Arrest. Questions. A trial. A … Read More

Why Celebrate the Christian Year?

David GambrellLiturgical Year

The Christian year is an ancient pattern of seasons and festivals by which congregations and individuals immerse themselves in the story of God’s saving love through Jesus Christ. This way of keeping time is sometimes called the liturgical year or church calendar. I prefer the name “Christian year” because it helps us remember the central focus—patterning our lives according to the great mystery of our faith: “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come … Read More