Games Christians Play

Sharon Grace BudinEducators Making the Future

What are your favorite games? Are they classics like Monopoly or newer games like Apples to Apples? What do you like about them? As Christian Educators we are always looking for new and fun ways to engage people of all ages in learning Bible stories and Christian concepts. To that end, I propose that any game can become a Christian Education Game. Here are my disclaimers: 1) I am not a lawyer and I do … Read More

Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home

Traci SmithEducators Making the Future

When my oldest son, Clayton, was four months old, he contracted his first cold. The pediatrician said it wasn’t cause for alarm, to monitor him closely, and to bring him back if anything got worse. I spent the whole day worried. I trusted our doctor, but I was a fearful new mom, and my precious baby wasn’t well. That evening, my anxiety got the best of me, and I began to conjure up all kinds … Read More

Peace Puzzles 

Catherine DevinsEducators Making the Future

The idea for Peace Puzzles was born a few years ago, when Gwen Whiteman and I were on our way home from a regional APCE workshop. As a winding road out of the Blue Ridge Mountains led us home to Raleigh, NC, our conversation turned to resources for children. Gwen lamented the fact that she had searched for 20 years for quality Bible story puzzles to use in teaching. She could find Noah’s Ark with … Read More

Illustrated Children’s Ministry

Adam Walker CleavelandEducators Making the Future

I have a confession to make. I never really liked children’s ministry. And I hated children’s sermons. Now, as the founder of Illustrated Children’s Ministry, that sounds a little odd. But let me explain. First of all, when I say I hated children’s sermons, I should clarify that I hated the way they were usually  done in churches I served and visited. So often the children’s sermon or children’s moment or Moment for the Young … Read More

Modeling and Practicing God’s Love with Children through Mission

Miatta WilsonMission and Faith Formation

Miss Abney sits hunched over in her wheelchair falling asleep as the fifth grade boys approach her in the circle and begin tossing a balloon and speaking to her. Soon she looks up bright eyed and bats it back with gusto, as the aide explains that Miss Abney is 100 and taught Sunday School for years. Next to her is Miss Rachel sleeping in her chair, Kate takes her hand while she and the other … Read More

New Discoveries about Young Children’s Faith Formation

Karen-Marie YustFaith Formation

For decades, we have operated with certain developmental beliefs about preschool faith formation. Now, with the advantages of new research methods, it is time to reexamine our assumptions. Yale University’s Paul Bloom and Harvard University’s Paul Harris have made exciting discoveries that invite us to retool our preschool ministries. Let me share some of their findings and suggest ways their work might reframe our own efforts. Paul Bloom studies young children’s moral development, and he … Read More