Inside Out: Life in the Teenage Brain

Rodger NishiokaBrain Research

In the Disney Pixar film Inside Out released last year, adolescent Riley is sad, angry, and lonely after her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco.  She embarks on a plan to run away and buys a cross country ticket and boards a bus to go back to her former home.  After her parents realize she is missing and discover she was not in school the whole day, they frantically start searching for her.  At … Read More

Why We Should Pay Attention to Brain Research

Holly InglisBrain Research

Why should the church pay attention to brain research? With everything else happening in and around us, why should we attempt to understand and apply scientific research about the brain? What difference would it, could it make? Consider these scenarios: Catherine, age 10, has attended Vacation Bible School for as long as she can remember. She tells her mother that she learns more at VBS than she does at Sunday School. Why? The youth group … Read More