Grand Rapids in February?

Pete EuwemaGod's Surprising Wonders

The APCE Annual Event is coming to Grand Rapids, MI, in February 2012 and you should make plans to attend. Really. I’m not kidding. Now Grand Rapids in February might not be your idea of a tropical paradise but there are a number of outstanding reasons for you to join us. Those of us who live here know that the reports of frigid temperatures and snow-covered streets are greatly exaggerated. In fact, the normal high … Read More

Retelling the Bible: Exploring scripture with midrash

Pete EuwemaGod's Surprising Wonders

What would it mean to read the Bible as if its words were actually speaking to us? Following the destruction of the Temple (70 CE), the ancient rabbinic sages believed that Scripture could speak to every generation anew. They taught new ways of coming close to God. In place of sacrifice, they offered prayer, study and deeds of loving kindness. In place of the Temple, they focused on the home, the synagogue and the academy. … Read More


Pete EuwemaGod's Surprising Wonders

For almost 15 years, I have been an “inspired artist.” By this I mean I work from Scripture to create paintings. People always ask, “How do you do that?” I try to do it myself, like a child who refuses help tying her shoes. As every parent knows, the struggle must occur for the growth to happen. We could so easily do it for them. Likewise, my art must eventually stand on its own. I … Read More

God’s surprising wonders

Pete EuwemaGod's Surprising Wonders

Personal sites of authors/presenters Cláudio Carvalhaes. To view Carvalhaes’ website, featuring articles and essays, a blog, books, sermons, and more, go to Shari LeMonnier. To view LeMonnier’s art, go to Forrest Palmer. To view Palmer’s blog, go to Sacraments At Your Baptism, by Carrie Steenwyk and John D. Witvliet (illustrated by Linda Saport). Eerdmans, 2011. This board book may be engaged several ways. First, read the text at the top of each … Read More

A sense of…humor

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

During an adult Sunday School class in which we were discussing the various facts and myths that surround Epiphany, it was noted that Jesus was probably two years old when the wise men made their visit. I don’t know why I see so much humor in scripture, but the thought hit me, “Oh, it’s easy to see God in a baby, but in a two-year-old? Now, that takes an epiphany!” Fortunately, the class thought it … Read More

For a time such as this

Debbie HoughStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

In the midst of the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, Bob Dylan sang these words: “…the times they are a changin’….” In the 2010s I find myself singing the same song. Change is everywhere. To give you some perspective, you should know that I have been a professional church educator for more than 30 years. During that time, I have witnessed a host of changes. The denomination I first worked in is gone. No longer … Read More