Service learning and the church of Jesus Christ

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

Service learning is one of the educational buzzwords touted in the 21st century as experts begin to realize that bookwork is more fruitful when blended with the opportunity to move from theory to practice. Mission educators are called to tell the story and then provide a way for the listener to move from hearing to doing, from head to hands, and in time a “heart for mission” may be created. Engaging learners in an activity … Read More

Expanding my horizons by finding new passions and skills in mission and outreach ministry

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

When I began my call to the ministry of Christian education, I was excited and focused on finding a position where I could use my knowledge and gifts in educational ministry. I was convinced that I would be helping children, youth and adults grow in their faith through providing quality educational opportunities in a congregation. I never imagined that I would be asked to be the staff resource person for virtually all the program committees, … Read More

My jump

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

On my office wall hangs a photo of a boy energetically flinging himself from a park bench. Perhaps he is a little reckless. But, to me, he appears eager to experience the jump and looks open to whatever it has to offer. This image speaks to my own experience in pursuing certification in the area of spiritual formation. Just like the boy in my office photo, I jumped. As a cradle Presbyterian, I grew up … Read More

Education that empowers learners and integrates faith

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

A first glance at the educational ministries of First Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, AL, reveals similar ministries found in churches across the country, a variety of opportunities for all ages and stages of learners throughout the week. Deeper review indicates something much different — a Christian education ethos that empowers learners and integrates faith with all of life. According to Christian education director Jenny Thagard, education at First Tuscaloosa involves intentional planning for children, youth and … Read More

The call doesn’t end with retirement

Linda WilliamsStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

Being called to the vocation of a Christian educator does not always end when an educator packs up his or her books, markers, folders and file cabinet contents; or when the church throws a farewell/thank you retirement party. And retirement isn’t always what one imagines it will be. God has a sense of humor and often changes carefully laid plans as the retiree finds her or himself walking a different pathway than expected. Gifts for … Read More

Stretching the boundaries of educational ministry

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

Small Church Born of Water, Born of Spirit: Supporting the Ministry of the Baptized in Small Congregations, by Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook and Fredrica Harris Thompsett. Alban, 2010. The stories of the congregations revealed in this book serve to inspire us about what is possible when we live intentionally as the reconciling presence of the body of Christ in the world. They also educate us about what will be needed in the years to come to … Read More