Word Teasers

Michelle Thomas-BushEducators Making the Future

Year after year, young people entered Confirmation without a vocabulary to talk about faith. It is not unusual. At the first meeting, I would empower the parents to have deeper faith conversations. Like most good educators, I would give them questions on card stock to place on their dinner table. At the parents’ meeting a few years ago, the blank looks on parents’ faces indicated a lack of their own faith vocabulary. I knew if … Read More

I Love to Tell the Story

Krista LovellEducators Making the Future

“I love to tell the story, ‘twill be my theme in glory, to tell the old, old story of Jesus and his love.” Raised by Christian parents who were Baptist-Presbyterians, I was offered many opportunities to share God’s story with others in a variety of ways—from flannel-graph to flip-books to puppets to clowning and more! Yes, the sharing of God’s story has been a central theme of my 35 years of educational ministry.  I love … Read More

Let’s Be Neighbors

David LamotteUncategorized

I have learned to pay attention to the words, “Somebody oughta…” It is universally acknowledged that the United States is at a particularly divisive point in our history. Not, as some have said, the most divisive (try the early sixties or the Civil or Revolutionary Wars), but definitely a hard time. It’s leaving me wondering what to do about it. Not what ‘people’ should do about it, but specifically me. “Do justice. Love kindness. Walk … Read More

The Educator as Artist: Transforming the Worship/Learning Environment 

Carmel TinnesThe Artist as Educator

Designing education or worship is an opportunity to bring together many elements and create a gestalt where each included element adds a layer of meaning and builds something not otherwise included, making the result greater than the sum of its parts. The content of education or worship is important, but that is only the beginning! Once content is determined, an education or worship event is built by exploring the following elements: space, color, image and … Read More

The Artist as Educator: Making Art in Your Bible

Lisa Nichols HickmanThe Artist as Educator

Writing in the Margins: Connecting with God on the Pages of your Bible began with a prayer. After the death of Rich Gordon, his family entrusted me with his Bible. I quickly learned he was a margin writer. For years I thought about the notes and prayers he had written into scripture.  I began to wonder how this scriptural discipline he loved, and was shaped by, might be shared with others so they could learn … Read More