The Educator as Artist: Transforming the Worship/Learning Environment 

Carmel TinnesThe Artist as Educator

Designing education or worship is an opportunity to bring together many elements and create a gestalt where each included element adds a layer of meaning and builds something not otherwise included, making the result greater than the sum of its parts. The content of education or worship is important, but that is only the beginning! Once content is determined, an education or worship event is built by exploring the following elements: space, color, image and … Read More

The Artist as Educator: Making Art in Your Bible

Lisa Nichols HickmanThe Artist as Educator

Writing in the Margins: Connecting with God on the Pages of your Bible began with a prayer. After the death of Rich Gordon, his family entrusted me with his Bible. I quickly learned he was a margin writer. For years I thought about the notes and prayers he had written into scripture.  I began to wonder how this scriptural discipline he loved, and was shaped by, might be shared with others so they could learn … Read More

Art: the Act of Creation and Invitation 

Theresa ChoThe Artist as Educator

For many of us, considering the use of art in worship and in ministry can illicit two emotions. We may feel inadequate or incompetent to produce good art. We may also imagine art in worship and in ministry to be like a craft store blowing up in our sanctuary space. However, art is merely the act of creation and invitation. As artists, we are mediators between what is and what could be. Art is a … Read More

The Christian Educator as Instructor and Illuminator   

Sybil MacBethThe Artist as Educator

About seven years ago, Memphis Theological Seminary asked me to be their “artist-in-residence” for the year. Their ironic invitation made me laugh out loud. I am a third-generation Sybil; my mother and grandmother, for whom I am named, were fine artists–oil painters and sculptors. For me visual art has always been a source of deep shame. With my maternal legacy of name and genes, I should be able to draw and paint. The reality is … Read More

Meeting God in Garbage

Allison WehrungThe Artist as Educator

One afternoon a few years ago, I was walking down the stairs in my seminary’s main office building, carrying an arm-full of magazines and newspapers. A fellow student saw me and asked, “Oh! Are you working on a new art project?” Honestly, I was just helping my boss take out the recycling, but my classmate wasn’t too far off. Making art has found its way to the heart of my own spiritual practices, and more … Read More