A sense of…humor

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

During an adult Sunday School class in which we were discussing the various facts and myths that surround Epiphany, it was noted that Jesus was probably two years old when the wise men made their visit. I don’t know why I see so much humor in scripture, but the thought hit me, “Oh, it’s easy to see God in a baby, but in a two-year-old? Now, that takes an epiphany!” Fortunately, the class thought it … Read More

For a time such as this

Debbie HoughStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

In the midst of the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, Bob Dylan sang these words: “…the times they are a changin’….” In the 2010s I find myself singing the same song. Change is everywhere. To give you some perspective, you should know that I have been a professional church educator for more than 30 years. During that time, I have witnessed a host of changes. The denomination I first worked in is gone. No longer … Read More


Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

A big part of my role as a general presbyter is accompanying congregations in transition. I fill newly vacant pulpits, consult with congregational leaders, orient search committees, give feedback on résumé drafts, and listen to hopes and dreams as leaders discern a new call. I accompany people on journeys they often don’t want to take. Change is distressing as it upsets familiar patterns. Even while we may look forward to something new, the familiar, as … Read More

So you’ve lost your job. Now what?

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

With the downturn in the economy over the past few years, no segment of society has been immune from its repercussions. And the church is no different. As churches struggle to work within a balanced budget and the reality that people who have lost their jobs simply can’t give as much to their church, it seems that often the first area that feels the impact is Christian education. None of us like this reality, but … Read More

Service learning and the church of Jesus Christ

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

Service learning is one of the educational buzzwords touted in the 21st century as experts begin to realize that bookwork is more fruitful when blended with the opportunity to move from theory to practice. Mission educators are called to tell the story and then provide a way for the listener to move from hearing to doing, from head to hands, and in time a “heart for mission” may be created. Engaging learners in an activity … Read More

Expanding my horizons by finding new passions and skills in mission and outreach ministry

Pete EuwemaStretching the boundaries of educational ministry

When I began my call to the ministry of Christian education, I was excited and focused on finding a position where I could use my knowledge and gifts in educational ministry. I was convinced that I would be helping children, youth and adults grow in their faith through providing quality educational opportunities in a congregation. I never imagined that I would be asked to be the staff resource person for virtually all the program committees, … Read More