Advent 2: Advent Peace

Jill Ver SteegLiturgical Year, Prayer, Spiritual Practices

We blow out the candle of confrontation and light the candle of peace. Lectionary Texts: Isaiah 40:1-11, Mark 1:1-8 The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is Mark’s way of saying “Genesis.” This is the genesis of all things. Even as Genesis chapter one, verse one, took us out into the wastes of formless void and primordial chaos before God spoke and created a good world, so Mark … Read More

Advent 1: Advent Hope

Jen deCombeLiturgical Year, Prayer, Spiritual Practices

First Sunday of Advent: We blow out the candle of despair and in its place we light the candle of hope. Lectionary Readings: Isaiah 64:1-9, Mark 13:24-37 This year’s first Gospel reading of the Advent season comes as a shock to many of us. Unlike the images of Christmas that surround us, there are no joyful angels shining in the sky or three wise men bearing gifts. The only stars in this reading are the … Read More

A Prayer for Educators

Holly InglisPrayer

Most amazing God, we pause in the midst of all that we are doing to soak in your grace and love for us. As we prepare for another year of ministry, you know there are many things on our to-do lists, some of which may not get done or may be postponed until another day. Help us to be gracious with ourselves as you are gracious with us. You understand our need to have things … Read More

Do Not Let Us Miss It: A New Year’s Prayer for Christian Educators and Pastors

Anna George Traynham Prayer

  God of new life, We give you thanks for this day: the first in a new year of life and faith. If we have learned from the lesson of years past, We can guess what this year might hold. There will be joy, and there will be heartbreak. There will be mistakes, and there will be achievements. There will be hands to hold, tears to dry, stories to tell, and grace to receive. Do … Read More

A Prayer for Election Week

Beth Herrinton-HodgePrayer

As we stand on the eve of Election Day in the United States, words from our weekly lectionary readings give messages of courage, steadfastness, strength in God and in Jesus Christ – the source of our life and our hope. Take courage. Stand firm. I am with you. My spirit abides among you. Do not fear. Do not be quickly shaken or alarmed Either by Spirit or by word or by letter. Stand firm. May … Read More

Prayer after a Mission Trip

Seth LovellPrayer

God of all creation, Your presence is known and felt in every corner of the globe. As we answered the call to serve as your hands and feet in the world we found that we did not need to take action for you to go with us; you have gone before, and you will remain in this place after we leave and will accompany us home. We stand in awe of how you are at … Read More