Connecting Worship and Learning: Faith Development on Two Fronts

Carol WehrheimLiturgical Year

The Kim family arrived in the sanctuary just as the Call to Worship began. The girls in first and fourth grades sat with their parents until the storyteller called children forward for the Bible story that would be the focus of their Sunday school lesson. Mom knew what it was because she explored it with other parents while the girls were in choir rehearsal on Wednesday. Then they would, as one parent said, “Have a … Read More

Why Celebrate the Christian Year?

David GambrellLiturgical Year

The Christian year is an ancient pattern of seasons and festivals by which congregations and individuals immerse themselves in the story of God’s saving love through Jesus Christ. This way of keeping time is sometimes called the liturgical year or church calendar. I prefer the name “Christian year” because it helps us remember the central focus—patterning our lives according to the great mystery of our faith: “Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come … Read More

Looking Ahead to Reformation Sunday: The Legacy of Martin Bucer 

Raymond PowellLiturgical Year

In the German town of Landstuhl, by the city hall and within walking distance of the U.S. military hospital, is a small square dedicated to the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformer Martin Bucer. This memorial may seem surprising. The region is staunchly Catholic, and Bucer served as parish priest for little more than a year there. However, the juxtaposition of a monument to a Reformer now largely forgotten in a place where the results of his ministry … Read More

Looking Ahead to Pentecost

Priscilla Andre-ColtonLiturgical Year

A Pentecost Party Plan Some years Pentecost falls on the last Sunday of our program year. When it does, we plan a party to celebrate. Everyone is invited—children, youth and adults—to come to our Fellowship Hall to join the celebration during the education hour. We begin with a finger food continental breakfast. Then everyone is invited to join in on one or more of the activity tables. Each table is set with the materials and … Read More