Partners in the Wonder of Nurturing

Larry SchuylerFaith Nurture

Sarah sat at the table thinking about plans for next quarter’s eighth-grade class at Covenant Reformed Church. The task of contextualizing lesson plans in a creative and relevant way always seemed to be a lonely experience. “I feel like I am operating in a vacuum,” she said aloud to herself.  “How does what I do fit into what is happening in the rest of the congregation? I wonder who else I could  and should be … Read More

An Enduring Foundation

Eva StimsonFaith Nurture

“Education embraces all the ways we seek to understand and embody what it means to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.” (from the Christian Education Task Force, Union Presbyterian Seminary) In November 1914 “after much consideration and prayer,” Ala Dean Smith boarded an east-bound train in Calendonia, Missouri, and settled in for a thousand-mile journey across five states.  She was headed to Richmond, Virginia, to enroll in a brand-new training school for layworkers authorized by … Read More

Resources: Forming Faith

Mary E. SpeedyFaith Nurture

Check out a wealth of resources, old and new, that will help you explore faith nurture in today’s world. Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith Formation, John Roberto. LifelongFaith Associates, 2010. This is a book about hope. Hope in the future of faith formation. Hope in the next generation. Hope in churches that are resilient and adaptive in the face of great challenges and opportunities. Hope and trust in God who will do … Read More