Finding Space and Time through Confirmation Retreats

Jacob Sorenson Camp Ministries, Faith Formation

Too often, people think of confirmation as a class. Those in the Reformed traditions seem to have a particular knack of reducing confirmation ministry to a transfer of knowledge. When lessons come after busy school days, it reinforces this notion. If confirmation is a class, it is something we have to complete rather than a lifelong process. It is knowing the right information rather than getting to know the Savior of the world. We don’t … Read More

Finding God at Camp

Julie HesterFaith Formation

What is it about getting away from our normal routines and into a camp setting that makes it easier to hear the voice of God? The Advocate will explore that question and others like it over the next few weeks as we share stories of faith formation in camp settings. We’ll hear about a mission camp, a camp focused on faith and sexuality, confirmation camp, a family camp, some reflections about how congregations can connect … Read More

New Discoveries about Young Children’s Faith Formation

Karen-Marie YustFaith Formation

For decades, we have operated with certain developmental beliefs about preschool faith formation. Now, with the advantages of new research methods, it is time to reexamine our assumptions. Yale University’s Paul Bloom and Harvard University’s Paul Harris have made exciting discoveries that invite us to retool our preschool ministries. Let me share some of their findings and suggest ways their work might reframe our own efforts. Paul Bloom studies young children’s moral development, and he … Read More