Greetings from your Advocate Team!

Doodle HarrisAdvocate News, APCE

We are an enthusiastic team of educators, pastors, writers and APCE members from around the US (plus one member abroad!) whose volunteer ministry is to gather and share innovative ideas in educational ministry with members of APCE and the wider church. This past week the team hung out at the APCE Annual Event in Denver. We had an amazing time learning together, laughing together, and sharing joys and concerns of educational ministry together. We look … Read More

2017 APCE Award Winners

Julie HesterAPCE

Join us at the 2017 Annual Event in Denver as we honor the winners of our Connect, Enrich, Empower and Sustain Awards. Bette Case: CONNECT Award Bette served as DCE at Derry Presbyterian in Hershey, PA, First Presbyterian in Fairborn, OH, Pleasant Grove Presbyterian in Youngstown, OH and Lakewood Presbyterian in Lakewood, OH. She currently serves on the Presbytery of the Western Reserve Committee on Leadership, convenes the presbytery’s Educator Roundtable, and has served as the … Read More

A Trilogy about Chaos and Grace

Rev. Larron D. JacksonAPCE

I am delighted to be the Friday keynote speaker and preacher for The Association of Presbyterian Church Educators at the APCE Annual Event for 2017 in Denver, Colorado. I am looking forward to where the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us during our time together. The theme for our time together is “Finding Strength in The Chaos.” Scripture is replete from Genesis to Revelation with narratives that speak to the chaos that plagues humanity. … Read More

Why You Should Come to Denver for the Annual Event 2017

Bill Davis and Sandy SaffordAPCE

If I had a wagon, I would go to Colorado, Go to Colorado…..Where a man can walk a mile high. If I had a Chevy, I would drive to Colorado, Drive to Colorado….Where a man can walk a mile high. If I had an airplane, I would fly to Colorado, Fly to Colorado….Where a man can walk a mile high. Most third graders in Denver school learn the song “Colorado” by David Allen and Paul Colwell when they … Read More

2017 APCE Annual Event: God With Us in the Chaos

Julie Gvillo and Barbi SmithAPCE

Chaos.  It has existed since the beginning of time, when God brought chaos into order through creation.  For many, the opposite of chaos is order; but for some, it is peace. Chaos continues to exist and haunt us. Meetings to attend, emails to answer, reports to write, programs to implement, volunteers to supervise, household chores to complete, yard work to get done, parenting responsibilities to fulfil, including helping with homework, attending or supervising school activities … Read More

Reflections from the PC(USA) General Assembly

Von ClemansAPCE

  Portland, Oregon – As I write this (6/24/16) the 222nd General Assembly of the PC(USA) is nearing its end after a week of orientations, committee meetings, and plenary sessions. Our four partner denominations have similar national gatherings.  We all have some forum where issues are discussed and direction is set. The Presbyterians met in Portland to elect as Stated Clerk (the highest ecclesiastical and constitutional officer), J. Herbert Nelson, the first African-American man to hold … Read More